Partners… & Groups

February 7th, 2006

Well, it took a little longer… but the elusive 10th pair was found… and thanks to MS Excel and some free time (or absolute boredom)… the groups have been formed… feel free to submit a name to your group if you wish… :)

  1. Nathan & Joyce
  2. Alice & Stan
  3. Brian & Val
  4. Lawrence & John
  5. Mike & Nehemiah
  6. Steph & Mark T.
  7. Clark & Jeff (part deux)
  8. Bob & Elle
  9. Vic & Jerome
  10. Christine & Sharon

And the groups are…

  1. Nathan, Joyce, Alice, Stan
  2. Brian, Val, Lawrence, John
  3. Mike, Nehemiah, Clark, Jeff
  4. Steph, Mark T., Vic, Jerome
  5. Bob, Elle, Christine, Sharon

Those are certainly some interesting combinations… Let’s see what everyone comes up with… Remember, we’re looking to finish in SEPTEMBER (so hope to have your projects come Thanksgiving :P)

CD Project #3

February 3rd, 2006

Well, it looks like enough time has passed since the last one. And with Tim halfway across the world (and probably unavailable to put this together), let’s see if the third installment can work with new management in place. :P

Just to recap:

CD Project #1 : Solo Love Songs
CD Project #2 : Duets And behind door number 3…

wait for it…

CD Project #3 : Group Reflections

The idea:

It was a challenge to compile everything with only one person. People still found it difficult when two heads were put together. Ideally, with more people (this time a group of 4), perhaps the load will be lighter… or could it be worse? :P

Since we’re not exactly dealing with copyright issues here, we’re going to borrow some ideas that popped up in CDP #2. Mark and Lawrence dedicated each song on their album to each person who was part of CDP #2. Bob and Cyrus, after going through bankruptcy and serious production obstacles, took another spin on that idea and ‘dedicated’ a movie to certain people/persons of CDP #2. So, your group’s assignment, and you have no choice but to accept it, is… to take your spin on this dedication theme. As a group, take a few moments (a minute, a day, a week… up to you) to reflect on a song that ‘fits’ the other people in this project NOT in your group (well, you can do it for your group member’s too, if you can fit it on the CD). We’ll leave it at that… the theme is there, but vague enough so that each group can take their own tangent at it. OK? Hajime!!! (… ummm, let’’s start!!!)

The rules:

  1. You can choose 1 partner (or the other way around, whatever works)
  2. Partners will be randomly grouped together - that produces a group of 4 :) You cannot form your own group of 4… ;)
  3. Songs already listed in CD #1 and CD #2 cannot be used (well, try not to)…
  4. More will be added as we go along… Also, blah blah blah, reserve right to modify rules without notice… blah blah blah… :P

Space is limited, so find a partner and sign up ASAP!!! :P

Deadline to find your partner: January 22 (that’s like 3 weeks)…

Awards Ceremony

March 13th, 2005

Hey guys. Sorry we never got to do the awards ceremony. I kept forgetting to ask people to vote. Oh, well. Here are the votes I did get in. And for the record, since we have the Oscars, the Grammys, and the Emmys. These will be the Timmys. :) Yup. You heard right. I know you’re too blown away for words right now. So without further ado, here are the awards:

.shifty { vertical-align: middle; width: 19px; height: 19px; }Best Dance Album: Threads by Ed Wong and Rob Au
“This is the first time that an album has won the Timmys award for best dance album.” ”

Best Cover: Bitter Sweet by Nat Lim and Hazel Tenefrancia
“Having 2 girls win for best cover over you… now that’s bittersweet. I think… *shifty eyes*

Best Layout/Design: Bad Boys II by Bob Ngo and Cyrus Quioc
“I guess being late counts for something after all… *shifty eyes*

Best Flow/Selection: In the Name of Love by Brian Lim and Nathan Tenefrancia
“This is the first time a double CD has won for the best flow and selection. This is also the first comment without the shifty eyes in a long while.”

Best Liners: Life: Unplugged by Valerie Quioc and Tim Bendicion
“This is the first album that has won for best liners despite their confusing liners. Hint: the guy icon depicts what Tim wrote, and the girl icon depicts what Val wrote. ;)”

We will now present the next special award, which may require some explanation. The award is called the Mark Quioc “technical difficulties” Award. With no disrespect to its namesake, Mark’s first CD had a few technical problems which hindered people from listening to it in their CD player. This year, Mark’s CD suffered a few glitches, but was barely beaten out by another album. Let’s have a standing ovation for the winners of this year’s Mark Quioc “technical difficulties” Award, The Pursuit of Truth by Joyce Chingcuangco and Jon Chen. :)
We’re now drawing near to the final, most coveted award: The Best Overall Album. Who will take it? And who will be left in the dust? Let’s move on and we’ll find out.

Best Single: Lovely by Michelle Tumes from the album, Don’t Give Up and Don’t Let Go
“Michelle Tumes was nominated for the Dove Award for New Artist of the Year in 1999, but was beaten by Jennifer Knapp.”

Catchiest Song: I Don’t Miss You Anymore by Lisa Ekdahl from the album, In the Name of Love
“I don’t know anything about Lisa Ekdahl. *shifty eyes*

And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for…

Best Overall Album:
Don’t Give Up & Don’t Let Go by Stan Sy and Grace Tan!!

That’s all, folks! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it. Congratulations to everyone who won. Every CD is a winner in my book. Great job to all! Hope you guys will do another one even in my absence. Keep the music alive. :)

Awards Categories

November 3rd, 2004

Here’s the list of categories to be voted on (for those who want to know):

Best Overall Album
Best Cover
Best Liners
Best Layout/Design
Best Theme
Best Title
Best Flow/Selection
Best Single/Song
Best Gimmick

If you have any more suggestions, please leave a comment.


Best Overall Album - The best of the best. This is the album with the best songs, best flow, best collection, and you just can’t stop listening to it.

Best Cover - Good-looking, smooth, stylish, and makes you melt when you see it, kinda like James Bond, but not… or it could be totally funny and hi-lariously cool, kinda like Conan, except not…

Best Liners - “Me fail English? That’s unpossible!” is only one of many good one-liners out there which would not win this category. :) This would go to the most well-thought out, well-written pieces of cr… work we’ve seen. :)
Best Layout/Design - From the front cover to the back, the layout of the liners and the interior art and designs are superb.

Best Theme - Webster’s dictionary describes a “theme” as: a subject or topic of discourse or of artistic representation, and also: a specific and distinctive quality, characteristic, or concern. The winner has the best of both worlds. It also describes it as: a stem, or: a written exercise… errr… moving on…

Best Title - Not “Claymates”! It’s the album (not “Claymates”) with the catchiest (not “Claymates”) title ever (not “Claymates”), that just gets (not “Claymates”) stuck in your head (not “Claymates”). :)
Best Flow/Selection - From beginning to end, you never feel as though you were driving on a bumpy road. And the songs just mesh together perfectly.

Best Single/Song - The most riveting, heart-wrenching, shirt-ripping, baby-dropping, drunk-driving, getting maried then divorced, absolute best song of them all!

Best Gimmick - It could be anything from theme, inserts, extras, even how you deliver it or present it to people.

Bad Boys II

October 16th, 2004

By Bob Ngo and Cyrus Quioc

  1. I Can Only Imagine - Mercy Me
      (Bad Boys II, starring Cyrus & Bob)
  2. Just the Two of Us - Will Smith
      (Austin Powers, starring Mark Quioc)
  3. The Boy is Mine - Monica & Brandy
      (Banger Sisters, starring Nat & Hazel)
  4. Look Through My Eyes - Phil Collins
      (Brother Bear, starring Jon C.)
  5. Have you Really Loved a Woman - Brian Adams
      (Don Juan, starring Jeff)
  6. Too Young - Phoenix
      (Lost in Translation, starring Tim)
  7. Yes - 4 PM
      (My Big Fat Greek Wedding, starring Nathan & Joyce)
  8. Please Be Careful With My Heart - Jose Marie Chan and Regine
      (My First Romance, starring Val & Grace)
  9. I Believe - Blessid Union of Souls
      (My Sassy Girl, starring Stanley S.)
  10. Sound of Silence - Paul Simon
      (Old School, starring Brian)
  11. I’ll Be Missing You - Puff Daddy
      (Rush Hour 2, starring Ed & Rob)
  12. When I Fall In Love - Celine Dion and Clive Griffin
      (Sleepless in Seattle, starring Nethaneel)
  13. I Started a Joke - Wallflowers
      (Zoolander, starring Lawrence)

Guess Who?

May 21st, 2004

In hopes of garnering more responses to this site, let’s play a little game. Try to guess who picked what songs for each group’s CDs. If you know who chose what, don’t post it yet, and wait for people to try to guess. Once we’ve all had a chance to guess, then we’ll post who chose what. Sound fun? Hope so. :)
Oh, please put your guess in the following format:

The Girl Next Door:
1. To the Moon and Back - Jeff
2. Overjoyed - Jeff
3. I Would Do Anything for Love - Clark

Don’t Give Up and Don’t Let Go

May 10th, 2004

By Grace Tan and Stanley Sy

  1. Mint Car - The Cure
  2. Lovely - Michelle Tumes
  3. No Letting Go - Wayne Wonder
  4. Fast Car - Tracy Chapman
  5. Prayer ‘94 - Bon Jovi
  6. First Love - Utada Hikaru
  7. I Believe - Jeon Ji-Hyeon
  8. Faith - J
  9. Raindrops Will Fall - Tamyra Gray
  10. I’ll Be There - Mariah Carey feat. Trey Lorenz
  11. Fly Farther - Jars of Clay
  12. Lovers in a Dangerous Time - Barenaked Ladies
  13. I’m In The Way - Jars of Clay
  14. For The Moments I Feel Faint - Relient K
  15. Harbor - Vienna Teng
  16. I Hope You Dance - Lee Ann Womack


May 10th, 2004

By Edward Wong and Robert Au

  1. She’s Lost Control - Girls Against Boys
  2. Shake the Disease - Hooverphonic
  3. Bodies - Smashing Pumpkins
  4. Burn - Nine Inch Nails
  5. C’mon Billy - PJ Harvey
  6. Hunter - Bjork
  7. Sucka Nigga - A Tribe Called Quest
  8. 3 MC’s and 1 DJ - Beastie Boys
  9. Baby I Need You - Jennifer Lopez feat. R Kelly
  10. Oh Boy - Mariah Carey
  11. I Cry - Ja Rile feat. Lil Mo
  12. Poppin’ Them Things - 50 Cent
  13. I Don’t Want to Know - Mario Winans feat. P. Diddy
  14. Overnight Celebrity - Twista
  15. Slow Jamz - Kanye West
  16. Break You Off - The Roots
  17. Love of My Life - Eryka Badu

Release Day!!!

May 3rd, 2004

Thanks again, everybody, for all the hard work and effort you all put into your CD’s. I’m really impressed with the final results. I’m looking forward to listening to them all, but it’s gonna take a while. For those of you who haven’t finished yet, I’m sorry for calling you out, or making you guys feel awkward. I just want everyone to know your position. I’m not gonna penalize anyone from the awards, no matter how late they hand in. I do hope, however, that no one copies any of the ones that have been done. Again, the point of all this is to just have fun, and get to listen to other peoples’ tastes in music, as well as getting to know each other. It doesn’t matter if you hand it in late, as long as you hand it in. Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys listening to the CD’s, and hope we can do this again next year.

We need to talk…

May 3rd, 2004

Well, thanks to Stan’s hard work, most of the CD’s are up in the Releases page (, so please head on over and check it out. Also, while you’re there, feel free to leave comments or reviews for other people’s CD’s. Thanks.