In The Name Of Love

By Nathan Tenefrancia and Brian Lim

Disc One - Love Lost

  1. Save Me - Remy Zero
  2. Shell - Bana
  3. Taken - Plumb
  4. Superman Song - The Crash Test Dummies
  5. The Scientist - Coldplay
  6. Tea and Sympathy - Jars of Clay
  7. Somewhere I Belong - Linkin Park
  8. Waiting on the Sun - Sixpence None the Richer
  9. What Have We Become? - dc Talk
  10. I Don’t Miss You Anymore - Lisa Ekdahl
  11. Electrical Storm (William Orbit Mix) - U2
  12. Life on the Edge - Elli
  13. Small Enough - Nichole Norderman
  14. Tear - Red Hot Chili Peppers
  15. Blue - Chantal Kreviazuk
  16. Leave - Matchbox Twenty
  17. Full of Grace - Sarah McLachlan

Disc Two - Love Found

  1. Fearless - dc Talk
  2. Times Like These (acoustic remix) - Foo Fighters
  3. I Will Find You - Seven Day Jesus
  4. All The Right Reasons - The Jayhawks
  5. I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You - Elvis Presley
  6. Something - The Beatles
  7. Yellow - Coldplay
  8. My Constant One - Michelle Tumes
  9. A Love Never Known - Leahy
  10. Forgiveness in You - Hokus Pick
  11. All Things Work - Angelo & Veronica
  12. Call and Answer - Barenaked Ladies
  13. Only Alive - Jars of Clay
  14. In a Little While - U2
  15. Wild Horses - The Sundays
  16. Holiday in Spain - Counting Crows
  17. Grace - U2

13 Responses to “In The Name Of Love”

  1. Tim Says:

    I only listened to the first CD and read the first half of the liners, but what I’ve read and heard were top notch! The intro piece in the liners is a great read, and sums up the theme/purpose of the CDs quite well, as well as using a lot of big words. :) Some great choice of songs, and I’m surprised Nathan only put one anime song. :) I guess Brian put a stop to it, eh? ;) Anyway, great job, and I’m saving the second CD for last, so I’ll comment on it after that.

  2. jeff Says:

    first off, i love the writings on the first page.. that in itself would have made great liners but of course, this duo goes above and beyond… :D

    the double CD gave so much selection, it felt like a musical buffet.. ties so much into the current culture and “second dinners” of today.. kinda like saying, we won’t let you go until you are fully satisfied with no more room for dessert… but of course, dessert was served anyhow :D
    some fave songs in the compilation include the lisa ekdahl piece, linkin park, peppers… reminiscing on crash test dummies… finding out new songs from nicole norderman… and that’s just the first CD… the second one had jayhawks and only alive from jars that i think everyone should pay attention to… a smattering of U2, coldplay, matchbox all throughout adds some familiarity appeal… great job! definitely worth the time set aside and this ramble of mine :D

  3. Nathan Says:

    Yay! I finally got to listen to this album… Not a bad mix all-together… though i’d have preferred a bit more tunes with a beat (or a faster pace)… mebe next time… :)
    On a side note, listening and seeing all these final products makes me think we can get another one going and have it ready for Dec/04 or Jan/05… or not…

    TIM: It wasn’t that Brian stopped me from putting more anime music in… more like I didn’t pay attention and let Brian add all his other stuff in… heh heh heh… :D

  4. Ed Says:

    right now i’ve got chantal kreviazuk’s song playing in the background while i’m typing this out… not bad fellas :) perhaps my two fave songs out of this cd exchange are “tear” by the chilli’s and “blue” by kreviazuk. nice job guys :)

  5. g Says:

    [disc 1]

    i can’t begin my commentary on the songs without saying something about that wonderful first page. beautifully written, my gosh… *sniff* leaves me thinking that maybe, just maybe, there are some of us out there whose souls are made of the same stuff. anne of green gables called this connection one of ‘kindred spirits’ :)

    Save Me - hehe, NOW it makes sense to me why this song was dedicated to jeff on mark’s and lawrence’s cd. is this the theme song for smallville? to all the smallville (ie. lana) fans out there, i apologize for my ignorance :P i dun watch a lot of tv.

    Shell - interesting… and catchy. i really should give anime a chance one of these days. the ‘vomit’ comment in the liners forced me to look up the lyrics, hehe. “instead of sighing I vomited up my loneliness”… eloquent, indeed!

    Taken - the song’s fairly upbeat, which totally had me fooled… the lyrics are quite sad. i do dread people and things i love being taken away from me. it’s a great song, though. i think i’m beginning to like plumb :)

    Superman Song - superman died? really? how? somebody please culture me :P having said that… y’all understand why i’m not really connecting with this song, right? heehee.

    The Scientist - ahhh, i know this one! and not only know it, i love it… coldplay’s great to listen to. this is another one of those songs that just… BOOM. hit me one day. something about the concept of going back to the start… there’s a part of me that will always wish for the impossible. sigh.

    Tea and Sympathy - brian, re: ur liners, is THAT what the song is actually about? i never really knew… to be honest, i’m still not so sure. u’re gonna have to explain this to me one of these days. and for some reason, this song sounds so much better on this cd than on the cd u gave me a coupla years back :P
    Somewhere I Belong - off the bat, i love how the guitars come in all heavy and then easy off. (i love the guitar played in all fashions, what can i say.) funny… i never thought myself to be a linkin park fan. but in a twisted way, i find the song quite positive… which is what i like about it.

    Waiting on the Sun - “Well it seems that my weakness / is sometimes my only strength / And in my incompleteness you get your way” please tell me she’s talking about God? brian, why is it that i can never understand ur songs without ur help? heheh. (at least, i hope this is ur song… it’s sixpence after all :P)

    What Have We Become? - whoa… hehe… some eye-opening lyrics, this one. good stuff. and how poetic is this: “Like an angel with no wings / Like a kingdom with no king” the message of this song is a good one.

    I Don’t Miss You Anymore - i love it :) such a jazzy romantic feel to it… as much as i love the guitar, the piano will always be my first love. add a bit of sexy sax and my oh my… hehe. and the title’s misleading, i love that… i can totally relate to this song’s train of thought. one word: sold :D

    Electrical Storm (William Orbit Mix) - ok brian, i’m relying on ur liner notes once again to explain the lyrics of this song to me. as for the tune… it’s U2, what more can i say. i’m a newly converted fan, hehe!

    Life on the Edge - hmm… an interesting twist on the ‘living on the edge’ perspective. i dun love the song, but… we’ll see. i’ll give it a few more listens and see how i feel then.

    Small Enough - oh my gosh. this song is so beautiful, both lyrics and melody. i love it. there’s such a vulnerable but beautiful honesty in the lyrics… it touches my heart, as though there’s something inside of me crying out the same sentiment. probably my favourite song on this disc.

    Tear - aiy… another song i don’t get. a good listen, though.

    Blue - a ‘colour’ song :) goodness, i dunno if it’s the lyrics, or the chords, or chantal’s voice, or a combination of the three… but there’s a heart-wrenching quality to this song. especially with the “where were you”s and “how are you”s… i like it :)
    Leave - whoa. hehe… umm… there there, matchbox, don’t be so harsh now… :P it happens, though. a good tune, i think.

    Full of Grace - mind u, i’m not biased or anything… :P but the whole concept of grace is mind boggling. a great song by a great singer. and i agree… a great ending to disc 1.

    commentary to be continued……

  6. g Says:

    [disc 2]

    Fearless - a good, positive, upbeat, God centered song to start off this cd. i like that word… fearless.

    Times Like These (acoustic remix) - well now, i liked this song from the moment u first sent it to me :) the lyrics are simple but effective. and g&g on top of that… ohh yah.

    I Will Find You - i like how this song tries to capture Christ’s POV… makes it more personal and more able for the listener to relate. the lyrics are great. and if i can understand the lyrics, anyone can :P

    All The Right Reasons - i definitely like this song. but dun completely get it, so it can’t be that simple :P please explain to me little babies and visions bathed in red! and her saying goodbye, that’s not permanent is it? ( g&g once again… niiiice )

    I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You - hehehehe… wow. props for putting this classic on the cd… adds variety. good stuff. not on my list of favourite love songs, but one i definitely admire.

    Something - awesome, another classic! this is more to my taste. “songwriting beauty” all the way.

    Yellow - woohoo, another coldplay song! :D it was more the sound of the song than the words that drew me in… but nonetheless, awesome to listen to.

    My Constant One - i love these kinda songs… light, soothing, almost a magical ‘elven’ quality to it. this particular song reminds me of something enya would sing, actually… and i LOVE enya. the words are beautiful. i mean, the title alone… michelle tumes is great :)

    A Love Never Known - yet another beautiful song. i love my celtic music :D (something about the whole celtic culture, actually…) a wonderful ballad, aye.

    Forgiveness in You - hmm… the song’s alright :) i couldn’t find the lyrics to this song (and yes, having the lyrics to read in front of me makes a big difference in how i feel about a song)

    All Things Work - whoa. hehehehe. the r&b intro to this song totally threw me off! well… i give my respect to the husband and wife duo. but i still have to get used to Christian lyrics set to r&b music. right now it’s still giving me that oil-and-water effect :P
    Call and Answer - already liked the song from mark’s and lawrence’s cd. the lyrics are great cuz they’re very real to me. call and answer is not only about coming to someone’s side when they’re in need, but also about holding them accountable for bad decisions… ie. the last stanza. great song.

    Only Alive - first time i heard this song, i thought it was alright. but i think i’ve gotten extremely attached :) romance without the sap, and it’s beautiful in such an honest and simple way. the right person singing this to me would make me cry :P my favourite song of disc 2.

    In a Little While - hmm… still waiting for this one to grow on me, hehe. i kinda like the concept of the song… but as for how it sounds, it’s just alright to me. sorry B, get back to me again later :P

    Wild Horses - u got me really listening to the song with the liner words ‘unrequited love.’ i dunno if it fits so well with the ‘love found’ theme though… in a sad, slightly unhealthy way, maybe :P anyway, dun watch buffy but i can see why this would be on the soundtrack. um… yes, i like it.

    Holiday in Spain - oooh, piano, i like it already. hehe. the song sounds great. but the lyrics… have me a little confused. poetic, yes… but in a hazy kinda way that leaves me having to figure out what he’s really, really trying to say.

    Grace - a great last song. very soothing to listening to… and the lyrics are amazing. the beauty of the the concept of grace is expressed sooo well through the words of this song. i’m very honoured to share this same name :)

    overall, i love the concept of the cd. a lotta songs to go through, but i enjoyed myself :) nates, notice i didn’t make any personal comments to u cuz i didn’t know which songs u put on the cd! couldn’t even really tell by the liner notes… anyway, a great mix of songs in which i found some new favourites… awesome stuff!

  7. Nathan Says:

    Need to find lyrics? Pop the CD in your computer and open the EXE file you can find in there. Remember that we mentioned that it was an ENHANCED CD… :)
    As to who picked what… Since Brian didn’t like any of the Jars songs I picked :p and I really don’t listen to the radio or U2… anything obscure is most likely from me… :)

  8. starvingartist Says:

    and anything anime-like is by Brian. we all know how much Brian loves anime :P

  9. jeff Says:

    ahh! i didn’t quite hear that it was enhanced cd… nice work! i told brian that i’ve been looping the first CD lately. track 6 and a bit, 10 and a bit. and then everything after nicole :D i like listening to the two classics in the 2nd CD as well.

  10. g Says:

    the ‘enhanced’ cd is a nice touch! i like! :) tho why didn’t u say so sooner?? and u both should know me better than to just tell me once and think it’ll register in this slow brain of mine :P

  11. Tim Says:

    I totally forgot you guys said it was an enhanced CD! Now I have to wait until I get back to see for myself (I put everyone’s CDs in my iPod). Still love listening to the second CD, though, although I feel guilty for listening to it while having never found love yet. ;) I do love “All The Right Reasons”. It got stuck in my head one night, and I couldn’t fall asleep all night long. Michelle Tumes’ song reminds me of when I used to work at Mitchell’s, cuz they used to play it there a lot, and I kinda got sick of it. Still a good song, though. “A Love Never Known” is another great song in there.

  12. Tim Says:

    Wow, it’s been so long since I’ve posted here. It’s like I don’t know what day it is, I can’t recall the seasons. And I don’t remember how we got this far. :)

  13. jeff Says:

    hey tim, maybe it’s because you don’t have all the right reasons… i’m sure brian can enlighten you on that.. meanwhile, we should all hit destiny again sometime.. and have all my words fall to the floor like china cups… and have the waitress grab a broom to try to sweep them up :D

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