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Partners… & Groups

Tuesday, February 7th, 2006

Well, it took a little longer… but the elusive 10th pair was found… and thanks to MS Excel and some free time (or absolute boredom)… the groups have been formed… feel free to submit a name to your group if you wish… :)

  1. Nathan & Joyce
  2. Alice & Stan
  3. Brian & Val
  4. Lawrence & John
  5. Mike & Nehemiah
  6. Steph & Mark T.
  7. Clark & Jeff (part deux)
  8. Bob & Elle
  9. Vic & Jerome
  10. Christine & Sharon

And the groups are…

  1. Nathan, Joyce, Alice, Stan
  2. Brian, Val, Lawrence, John
  3. Mike, Nehemiah, Clark, Jeff
  4. Steph, Mark T., Vic, Jerome
  5. Bob, Elle, Christine, Sharon

Those are certainly some interesting combinations… Let’s see what everyone comes up with… Remember, we’re looking to finish in SEPTEMBER (so hope to have your projects come Thanksgiving :P)

CD Project #3

Friday, February 3rd, 2006

Well, it looks like enough time has passed since the last one. And with Tim halfway across the world (and probably unavailable to put this together), let’s see if the third installment can work with new management in place. :P

Just to recap:

CD Project #1 : Solo Love Songs
CD Project #2 : Duets And behind door number 3…

wait for it…

CD Project #3 : Group Reflections

The idea:

It was a challenge to compile everything with only one person. People still found it difficult when two heads were put together. Ideally, with more people (this time a group of 4), perhaps the load will be lighter… or could it be worse? :P

Since we’re not exactly dealing with copyright issues here, we’re going to borrow some ideas that popped up in CDP #2. Mark and Lawrence dedicated each song on their album to each person who was part of CDP #2. Bob and Cyrus, after going through bankruptcy and serious production obstacles, took another spin on that idea and ‘dedicated’ a movie to certain people/persons of CDP #2. So, your group’s assignment, and you have no choice but to accept it, is… to take your spin on this dedication theme. As a group, take a few moments (a minute, a day, a week… up to you) to reflect on a song that ‘fits’ the other people in this project NOT in your group (well, you can do it for your group member’s too, if you can fit it on the CD). We’ll leave it at that… the theme is there, but vague enough so that each group can take their own tangent at it. OK? Hajime!!! (… ummm, let’’s start!!!)

The rules:

  1. You can choose 1 partner (or the other way around, whatever works)
  2. Partners will be randomly grouped together - that produces a group of 4 :) You cannot form your own group of 4… ;)
  3. Songs already listed in CD #1 and CD #2 cannot be used (well, try not to)…
  4. More will be added as we go along… Also, blah blah blah, reserve right to modify rules without notice… blah blah blah… :P

Space is limited, so find a partner and sign up ASAP!!! :P

Deadline to find your partner: January 22 (that’s like 3 weeks)…