Partners… & Groups

Well, it took a little longer… but the elusive 10th pair was found… and thanks to MS Excel and some free time (or absolute boredom)… the groups have been formed… feel free to submit a name to your group if you wish… :)

  1. Nathan & Joyce
  2. Alice & Stan
  3. Brian & Val
  4. Lawrence & John
  5. Mike & Nehemiah
  6. Steph & Mark T.
  7. Clark & Jeff (part deux)
  8. Bob & Elle
  9. Vic & Jerome
  10. Christine & Sharon

And the groups are…

  1. Nathan, Joyce, Alice, Stan
  2. Brian, Val, Lawrence, John
  3. Mike, Nehemiah, Clark, Jeff
  4. Steph, Mark T., Vic, Jerome
  5. Bob, Elle, Christine, Sharon

Those are certainly some interesting combinations… Let’s see what everyone comes up with… Remember, we’re looking to finish in SEPTEMBER (so hope to have your projects come Thanksgiving :P)

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